Belli momenti is a wedding and event planning agency based in Corfu, Greece. The agency was founded in 2012 by Aris Papachristou who, as owner and event manager, runs it bearing a greater philosophy of exclusiveness and luxury in mind.

Aris has a degree in Communication and Public Relations by the National University of Kapodistrias in Athens as well as in Health Services issued by the Technical College of Thessaloniki. He occupation with the wedding and event planning started when he himself decided to get married, only to be faced with an endless amount of questions and no reliable professional to turn to.

Not having someone to professionally guide us through what should have been a magical experience caused me and my wife a lot of unwanted stress and kept us focused in all the wrong places. We kept having more and more questions to answer instead of enjoying the uniqueness of the occasion. Our agency is created so that couples can enjoy not only their wedding but also the period before the big day” says Aris today.

Today the agency Belli Momenti, with Aris Papachristou and his group of professionals, provides its clients with services of wedding and event planning, according to their special requests.